Compensatory Programmes and Academic Support Services

Dr Edwards-Henry
Message from the Vice President – Academic Affairs:

“Our aim is to serve citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who have the aptitude to benefit from tertiary level education, but who for a variety of reasons, do not have the level of academic preparation to successfully pursue tertiary level programmes. COMPASS provides a comprehensive range of programmes, as well as academic and student support services that create and alternative pathway to student success.”

Compensatory Programmes and Academic Support Services (COMPASS) has been COSTAATT’S answer to the need to provide an alternative pathway to higher education. Through this programme we aim to prepare students to cope with the rigours of the tertiary level learning environment. We are well aware that failure to acquire academic qualifications is often rooted in factors outside of students’ control. According to Dr. Gillian Paul Vice President Academic Affairs, COSTAATT “students who are hesitant to enroll in a college preparation program for fear of being stigmatized as less intelligent should note that systemic issues with the quality of their secondary education rather than lack of aptitude or cognitive ability is usually to blame for under – preparedness.”


To be the premier developmental education programme, locally and regionally, in serving the needs of academically under-prepared students.


To strengthen the academic foundation of underprepared students and equip them with essential skills to facilitate tertiary level access, progress and success


If you have fewer than five CSEC (CXC)/GCE passes, the COMPASS Programme is for you. The COMPASS programme is designed to help you gain the necessary qualifications to access the degree programme of your choice in COSTAATT. The duration of study in COMPASS depends on your entry-level competencies, your performance on the placement test in English and mathematics, the admission requirements of the programme you wish to pursue at COSTAATT and your own application to study and commitment to hard work. Upon successful completion of the COMPASS programme, you can apply to the COSTAATT programme of your choice.

The COMPASS Programme provides:


A curriculum that is designed to help you fill the gaps in your learning. You get the opportunity to improve your skills in mathematics, reading, writing, science, computer literacy and life skills


Highly qualified and experienced lecturers


Tutorial services provided by both faculty and fellow-students in mathematics, reading, writing and science


Self-paced tutorial labs, managed by skilled educational technology assistants


Dedicated support provided by developmental/academic advisors


Access to health and counselling services

Benefits of the Programme:


Upon successful completion of this programme you will have:


developed academic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening


learned to edit and proof-read your own assignments


improved your mathematical skills


acquired competencies in science


developed life-long study strategies


developed life skills to help you cope with the tertiary level studies

The Pathway to Success:




College Placement Test


Academic and Developmental Advising




Degree programmes can be accessed through the following schools: School of Business and Information Technology; School of Nursing, Health and Environmental Sciences and
School of Liberal Arts and Human Services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)