President's Welcome

Dr. Gillian Paul

Welcome to the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago. At COSTAATT, we are strongly committed to the principle of ‘transforming lives, transforming communities and transforming the nation …one student at a time’. Inherent in our institutional philosophy and a key component of our educational thrust is a commitment to community service. Now, more than ever, our nation requires a highly educated workforce comprising citizens who understand the need for quality public services and lifelong learning as two of the hallmarks of a vibrant economy and sustainable development.


COSTAATT offers courses of study that lead to certificates, diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees. With campuses and Learning Centres located in Chaguanas, Port of Spain, El Dorado, Sangre Grande, San Fernando and Tobago, we are continually developing programmes and initiatives to meet the needs of the various sectors that we serve. At COSTAATT, we recognise that globalisation is shrinking our world and we are, therefore, committed to preparing our students to compete in the global knowledge economy, by stimulating them to use their minds, to become critical thinkers, decision makers and leaders of their respective communities.

I am pleased to share my educational philosophy as we seek to engage our government, business and industry partners to join us on a journey of excellence. This philosophy is guided by the belief that the pursuit and attainment of higher education is a right and not a privilege; and is the best and most assured way of achieving a better life for ourselves and our families. I truly believe that education has the capacity to transform: a person, a people, communities, nations, and ultimately the world. As such, all students admitted to COSTAATT would be provided with the best possible array of educational programmes and services to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Inherent in this philosophy is the recognition that every student is an individual with different goals, different learning styles and different needs; and as such each student should be provided with an individualised educational programme and opportunities for life-changing experiences, thus helping him/her to transform his/her life, community and ultimately the nation. Embodied in this philosophy is the concept that every employee of COSTAATT – faculty, administrators, staff, etc. – has a significant role to play in helping our students achieve the level of success to which they aspire.

At COSTAATT, student success is the fundamental objective of the administration, staff and faculty. Our graduates are readily employed within the health and service sectors. We train the nation’s nurses, radiological technicians, pharmacy assistants, medical laboratory technicians and environmental technicians. We are also at the forefront in preparing members of the Police, Fire and Prisons services, the Defence Force, Customs and Excise Division, as well as public health inspectors, and other first respondents to disasters. Overall, we offer training in more than 40 programme areas.

COSTAATT continues to play a critical role in the development of Trinidad and Tobago as we prepare our students to become leaders for the twenty-first century. This is indeed an awesome responsibility that can only be achieved through teamwork, collaboration, respect for others and shared governance, with all stakeholders playing their part. Acutely aware of our role in transforming Trinidad and Tobago, the phrase “Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities, Transforming the Nation… One Student at a Time” is not just our motto, but an expression of the under-girding philosophy through which COSTAATT achieves its mission. It is indeed our reason for existing.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are willing to be the agent of change that our country and our world need and if you are prepared to do the hard work necessary to make that transformation possible, then COSTAATT can be that step on your path to success.