Joining our Sports Teams

The Department of Athletics seeks to provide extracurricular support in the provision of a holistic
education for all our students. Further, we strive to create opportunities for leadership, promote
personal development and growth and provide sporting and physical activity through intramural and
intercollegiate sporting and recreational activities.

We subscribe to the National Sports Policy by fostering a “Sports-for- all” culture throughout the College.

• Football
• Basketball
• Netball

Our success in football, basketball, and netball in the UTT Champions League is indicative of the
College’s potential to perform at a high standard. The College has embarked on a development
programme that now includes cricket and volleyball.

To join one of our teams or to request further information on our services, please contact us at:
Email: OR
Tel: (868) 625-5030 ext. 5453

Joining Student Organisations

Joining our student council provides an opportunity for students to present their views to college
administration and collaborate in building a positive and vibrant learning environment. The student
government is a key mechanism through which students acquire the leadership, planning, decision-
making and collaborative skills which will help them to become agents of change and transformation. In
addition, it provides opportunities for students to learn social skills and develop positive relationships
with their peers.



Registered Student Organisations (RSOs) are student clubs formed by students to assist in their holistic
development and the development of their leadership skills. RSOs provide opportunities for students to
participate in extracurricular activities through membership in clubs devoted to leisure or academic
pursuits. RSOs are established on the recommendation of Students Councils and with the approval of

the college administration. Students may apply, using the prescribed forms, to the Department of
Student Development. Student organisations benefit from the guidance of assigned faculty advisors
whose responsibility it is to ensure effective student management of RSOs and their activities, including
financial administration.

To join the Student Council or one of our RSOs please contact us at:
Tel: (868) 625-5030 ext. 5227, 5236

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors are frequently called upon to represent the college at external engagements as well as plan and execute many campus activities, including but not limited to Admissions Recruitment Sessions, Registration, Student Orientation, Graduation and any other campus activity that may be planned by the college.

To become a Student Ambassador, contact Career Management Services: Log on to myCOSTAATT Student Portal and sign up.
Placement Officer – Jason C. Charles –
Career Advisor – Reynela Gilkes-Alvarez –

Call: (868) 625-5030 ext. 5217, 5313