This programme is intended to allow you to develop through experiential learning opportunities while on campus. It consists of both the work-study trainee and the student ambassador. The Work-Study trainee is intended to provide students with the relevant experience in their field of study while working on campus. The Student Ambassador role allows students to act as college brand ambassadors and leaders. If you would like to receive work-study handbooks and application forms, make a request by visiting the Career Management Services section of the myCOSTAATT Student Portal.




COSTAATT recognises that participation in internship programmes is a critical part of preparation for the world of work. All students (with the exception of those pursuing degrees with an integrated internship or practicum) are encouraged to register for internships advertised through the College or to seek assistance in sourcing internships of their own. All internship programmes provide students with an opportunity to integrate theory with practical experience and acquire skills/competencies relevant to their areas of study.

Visit your Placement Officer to find out more about internship opportunities.




The Department of Career Management Services offers several workshops intended to assist you in developing the required competencies to obtain and maintain professional positions. These include: Résumé writing, time management, professional development, interviewing skills, job search strategies and conflict resolution. Workshop schedules will be sent via your student email.

Additional information will also be posted on the web portal which can be easily accessed at any time.




As part of its commitment to supporting students’ transition to the world of work, the Department of Career Management Services will host an online recruitment service featuring registered student subscribers. In addition, it will offer on-campus recruitment and networking events, career explorations and job placement recruitment drives. Look out for our vacancy postings via student email, the web portal or you can visit your placement officer for information on job vacancies.




Through individual coaching and access to online career guidance software, students will be able to analyse personal attributes and assess aptitudes for particular careers. Students will be able to benefit from support in designing job search strategies, and training in CV/résumé preparation and interview skills. In addition, the department hosts workshops and seminars on self-development and soft skills relevant to the work place, such as time management and workplace communication. Schedule an appointment with your career advisor or placement officer for further information.




Career management is applying/executing what was learnt in the career planning process to achieve career goals. Career management is not a singular event but a continuing process that is a necessity for adapting to the changing demands of a dynamic socioeconomic environment.

To request further information on our services, or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor or a Placement Officer, you can log on to the myCOSTAATT Student Portal, or contact us:



Placement Officer – Jason C. Charlesjccharles@costaatt.edu.tt

Call: (868) 625-5030 ext. 5217, 5313