Minimum entry requirements


Five (5) CSEC (CXC)/GCE O’Level subjects, inclusive of English A and Mathematics, Grades 1,2,3* or A,B,C.


*Grade 3 accepted if attained in June 1998 or beyond


Applicants who possess CAPE or A’Level qualifications may be considered for advanced standing (the award of credits towards your degree programme). Find out more.

Programme Specific Requirements


School of Nursing, Health and Environmental Sciences:

Applicants to the BSc and AAS in Occupational Safety and Health programmes must be 16 years or older.


Applicants to the Nursing programme must be between 17½ and 45 years old.


Applicants to programmes in the School of Nursing, Health and Environmental Sciences must possess one or more science subjects. See list below for more details.


To be admitted to the following programmes, short-listed applicants must be successful at an admissions interview: Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiography, Environmental Health.

Subject Specific Programmes

at least one science subject
Biology and Physics

Medical Laboratory Technology
Biology and/or Human and Social Biology and Chemistry

Environmental Health
Biology or Human and Social Biology

Environmental Management
Biology and Chemistry

Occupational Safety and Health
Biology or Human and Social Biology

Water and Wastewater Management, Services and Technology
Chemistry and Physics

Biology and Chemistry

Biology Pre-Med
Biology, Chemistry and Physics



School of Liberal Arts and Human Services:

To be admitted to the music programme (bachelor’s and associate degree), short-listed applicants will be required to successfully complete the audition process.


To be admitted to the following programmes, short-listed applicants must be successful at an admissions interview: BSW Social Work, Early Childhood Care and Education and BSc Applied Psychology.





Nationality -
General Supporting Documents
Valid TT ID card or PassportValid PassportBirth CertificateAcademic Certificates


Programme -
Specific Supporting Documents
Two Written Confidential Character ReferencesPolice Certificate of CharacterNursing Council PermitPersonal Statement
General Nursing (AAS, BSc)YESYESYES
Psychiatric Nursing (AAS, BSc)YESYESYES
Midwifery (BSc)YESYESYES
Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS, BSc)YES
Medical Ultrasound (AdvDip)YES
Radiography (BSc)YESYES
Environmental Health (AAS, BSc)YES
Occupational Safety and Health (AAS, BSc)YES
Social Work (BSW)YES
Early Childhood Care and Education (BA)YESYES

Alternate Routes


Applicants who do not possess the minimum requirements for entry into a degree programme may be eligible for admission via the following:


Mature applicants (25 years and over) with relevant experience, who do not possess the minimum entry requirements, may be considered on the basis of experience and demonstrable competence.


COMPASS is designed to help students gain the qualifications needed to access the degree programme of their choice at COSTAATT. The duration of study in COMPASS depends on students’ entry-level competencies; performance on the placement tests in English, mathematics and, where relevant, science; and the admission requirements of the programme they wish to pursue.


To qualify for the COMPASS programme, applicants MUST have completed five years of secondary school and:


  • Possess 3-4 CSEC (CXC)/GCE passes
  • Possess 5 CSEC (CXC)/GCE passes without mathematics or English or
  • Be 25 years or older (mature student) with academic literacy acquired through work or life experiences.


Upon successful completion of the COMPASS programme, students may apply to the college programme for which they would then have gained the necessary entry requirements.


Persons interested in pursuing the Nursing programme must be guided by the registration requirements of the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago.



It’s important to submit your application, test scores, and related materials as soon as possible — ideally, before the deadline. Your application materials will be reviewed once all of them have been received. Although deadlines vary by semester, here are some general deadlines to keep in mind:


Applications normally accepted: April – August


Applications normally accepted: October – January



Early deadline / CARICOM / International Students: 7th June 2024

Regular deadline (all programmes – *final deadline for Nursing applications) 5th July 2024

Late deadline (all programmes EXCEPT NURSING) – 2nd August 2024



DISCLAIMER: COSTAATT reserves the right to cancel or modify any programme advertised.