Transcript Requests

COSTAATT, in partnership with Parchment now introduces an easy online transcript request service to all our current and former students.

To begin the Transcript Request Process simply click “COSTAATT Storefront” .

All requests for official transcripts must now be made via our online transcript store, through which you can access the following services:

Request the upload of your official transcript to any TT or foreign institution or verification body;

Request the verification of your curriculum by uploading the necessary documents e.g. CGFNS, NNAS, HCPC, NMC forms;

Request a printed official transcript to be delivered to and collected at a specified COSTAATT campus in Trinidad or Tobago;

Request a printed official transcript to be delivered to any US or international institution.


Please note carefully:

As of Friday 14th June 2024, official transcript requests submitted on paper forms, fillable forms or via Self-Service will not be accepted.

All students/graduates must be financially cleared before the official transcript is processed.


Get started by visiting COSTAATT’s Transcript Store. You must create an account to access these services.

Payments can be made online via credit card

With this new and improved service:

You will no longer be required to pay the TT$230 fee for official transcripts to be sent overseas.
You will no longer be required to come in person to a cashier, or stand in line to make a payment at
COSTAATT or a commercial bank.
No longer will there be delays for bank transactions/payments to appear on your COSTAATT student
The request and payment can be made seamlessly on one platform.

Cost per transcript – US$15.00. Although digital transcripts are accepted by most institutions,  some  may require printed copies. Should you wish to have copies printed and mailed, Parchment will charge an additional mailing fee, as listed below.

Mail Delivery Fees:

Delivery within the US :  $2.50 USD

Delivery outside the US:  $5.75 USD

There is no additional cost to have your official transcript uploaded/transmitted digitally.

Transcript Request Process Documentation

Use the link below to access COSTAATT Documentaion which outlines the new transcript request process.