The College recognises that student success is premised not only on academic ability and application but on the positive social and emotional adjustment of the individual. The Health and Counselling Services Department (HCSD) is responsible for the provision of basic psycho-social counselling, promotion of healthy lifestyles, sick bay facilities and services for the differently-abled.



Counselling services provide a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment to students who may be experiencing emotional and/or psychological problems during their period of study. It is important to note that early intervention plays a crucial role in one’s ability to cope and have a positive outcome in the face of adversities. Early Intervention allows a person to manage a condition before it becomes entrenched or chronic. In this way, a Counsellor may arrest the decline of a condition thus, preventing further damage or deterioration.


The department wishes to encourage students who may be experiencing difficulties to seek early intervention with the Campus Counsellor.


The main office of the Department of Health and Counselling Services is located at the City Campus. However, counselling services are available at all other campuses.


Referrals can be made by faculty members, academic and student support services coordinators, campus directors and advisors who will arrange an appointment with the Campus Counsellor through the Department of Health and Counselling Services.


Students are encouraged to visit or call the department to request counselling services. Appointments can also be made via the Health and Wellness page of the MyCOSTAATT Student Portal. In an emergency situation, no appointment is needed; students may walk in.



During the academic year, health and wellness promotional activities can be offered at each campus site. These are facilitated by the Ministry of Health and other trained personnel who specialise in their respective areas:

  • Healthy Lifestyles (E.g. HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse)
  • Primary Health Care (E.g. Nutrition, Chronic Non-communicable disease assessment-BMI)
  • Emotional Health (E.g. Stress, Time and Anger Management and Managing Depression)



It is the policy of COSTAATT that discrimination against individuals with disabilities is prohibited. COSTAATT provides equal educational opportunities with reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals who are differently -abled.

Students with physical, mental or learning disabilities should contact the Department of Health & Counselling Services for assistance if any special accommodation is needed. The College can provide enhanced access to the educational process for students who disclose and can document their disabilities. We offer appropriate accommodations to facilitate success.



Sick bay services are available to all students who may become ill while at campus. The services offered are appropriate for short term and minor emergencies (basic first aid). Where necessary, arrangements would be made for the ill student to be transported to a hospital or a preferred medical practitioner/ health care provider. In such instances, parents, guardians or spouses will be contacted immediately.

The College does not provide primary health care and therefore cannot be considered as a substitute for physicians or other health care providers. Any costs of the visits to a health institution/medical practitioner would be borne by the student.

Further information on services offered at all campus sites can be obtained during orientation at your specific site.


  • Referral of students with Social Issues to Government Agencies
  • Testing- Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar (for persons with Diabetes)
  • Facilitating students with class projects (health articles)
  • Distributing health related brochures
  • Answering queries as it relates to health concerns
  • Health Fair


Also visit Health and Counselling Services via MyCOSTAATT Web Portal for:


  • Counselling Schedule
  • Monthly Health Tips
  • Disability Support Services


To request further information on our services please contact us at:

Email: MCC-Health&

Telephone: (868) 625-5030 Ext. 5230, 5226, 5297