Campus Safety and Security

The College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff at all campuses and sites. The Public Safety and Security Department works to ensure the provision of efficient and effective security services and the maintenance of an environment conducive to teaching and learning for all students.

While the primary responsibility for the provision of a safe and secure environment rests with the College, all students are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and to take reasonable measures to ensure their personal safety and security.


Security Services on College Premises:

Security officers maintain a continuous presence at all locations. In addition, sites also benefit from 24-hour electronic security surveillance.

Students are requested to collaborate with college officials in creating a safe and secure environment for all, by reading the following information and complying with all requirements and instructions:


Identification Cards:

All students must present a valid student ID card to gain access to COSTAATT’s campuses and sites. ID cards must be prominently displayed on their person while on college premises.

Students who misplace their ID cards or are unable to produce them when seeking access to college premises, are required to visit the Office of the Registrar at the City Campus or the administrative offices at the South and Tobago campuses and other sites.


Incident Reporting:

Prompt reporting is essential to detect, prevent, investigate and effectively respond to incidents and emergencies. Students must be aware of their surroundings and report any of the following to the Public Safety and Security Department and where applicable, campus directors or senior staff at the relevant locations:

  • loss of property;
  • safety hazards;
  • threat;
  • assault;
  • malicious damage; or
  • other behaviours or occurrences which may pose a threat or need to be brought to the attention of college authorities.


Public Safety and Security Contact Numbers


  • City Campus: 625-5030 Ext 5100
  • El Dorado: 625-5030 Ext 5820
  • Sangre Grande: 625-5030 Ext 5653
  • South Campus: 625-5030 Ext 5793
  • Tobago Campus: 625-5030 Ext 5606
  • North Learning Centre: 625-5030 Ext 5066