• COSTAATT and NALIS Strengthen Partnership for Library and Information Studies and Development

    • 20/12/2023
    • Posted By : Brian Baboolal
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    In a significant step towards furthering the progression of library and information studies in Trinidad and Tobago, the President of COSTAATT, Dr. Keith Nurse and the Executive Director of NALIS, Ms. Paula Green, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the COSTAATT City Campus on June 6th, 2023. The MOU solidifies a collaboration that will extend for the next five years and marks the continuation of a partnership that has thrived for over two decades.Since its establishment in 2000, COSTAATT has been at the forefront of Library studies in Trinidad and Tobago, being the first to offer an Associate Degree in Library and Information Studies. In response to needs assessments conducted by both NALIS and COSTAATT, the College introduced the Bachelor of Science in Information and Library Science in 2012. This programme addressed the evolving demands of the industry and equipped students with the necessary knowledge and skills.COSTAATT recognizes the crucial role that libraries play in serving communities and acknowledges their importance in meeting educational, entertainment, and social development needs of the public. Libraries have become essential hubs for promoting literacy and providing free access to information through the Internet. With this understanding, the MOU outlines several key initiatives aimed at the mutual enhancement of both NALIS employees and COSTAATT students.More specifically the MOU lays out a framework for:·       Providing undergraduate and professional development training to NALIS employees;·       Developing an internship programme to provide COSTAATT students with comprehensive and practical experience in the workplace;·       Conducting collaborative research to better understand workforce needs and inform academic programme development and redesign; and·       Sharing relevant information to improve the operational effectiveness and relevance of COSTAATT and NALIS.As the MOU comes into effect, the stage is now set for the continuation of over twenty years of successful cooperation, research, and innovation in the realm of library and information studies. The united efforts of COSTAATT and NALIS holds great promise in shaping the future of libraries and empowering the wider national community through free access to information, knowledge, and literacy.