• COSTAATT and PRATT Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Public Relations Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago

    From Left to Right: COSTAATT Vice President, Institutional Advancement- Ms Fayola Nicholas, COSTAATT Vice President, Academic Affairs- Dr Naseem Koylass, PRATT Secretary- Ms Sharon Farell, PRATT, Director Professional Development-Ms Carla Johnson, PRATT President- Ms LaShaun Ramdin, COSTAATT President- Dr Keith Nurse, COSTAATT Dean, Ken Gordon School of Communication, Creative and Digital Media- Ms Clarinda Jack, PRATT Vice President- Ms Desiree Connor, COSTAATT Dean, School of Workforce Enhancement and Development- Mrs Lalita Ramlal-Chirkoot


    Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago – June 6, 2024 – Today marked a significant milestone as the Chaguanas Campus of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) joined hands with the Public Relations Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PRATT) in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The official signing ceremony took place at COSTAATT’s Chaguanas Campus, with Dr. Keith Nurse, President of COSTAATT and Mrs. LaShaun Ramdin, President of PRATT, in attendance to formalise the partnership.

    The MoU signifies a commitment from both institutions to collaborate on initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and practices of professionals in the public relations and communications sectors across Trinidad and Tobago. COSTAATT, with its mandate for broadening access to post-secondary and tertiary education, recognizes the importance of supporting the development of a diverse workforce and contributing to the growth of a sustainable local economy. Similarly, PRATT, as the leading professional association representing public relations and communications practitioners in the country, is dedicated to fostering excellence and promoting best practices within the industry.

    One of the key objectives of the partnership is to develop and deliver targeted training and professional development programs tailored to the needs of PR and communications professionals. By aligning their resources and expertise, COSTAATT and PRATT aim to address competency gaps and equip practitioners with the skills required to excel in today’s dynamic public relations landscape.

    Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Keith Nurse, President of COSTAATT, remarked, “We are delighted to formalize this strategic partnership with PRATT, as it underscores our shared commitment to advancing the field of public relations in Trinidad and Tobago. By pooling our resources and knowledge, we can better serve the needs of professionals in this critical sector and contribute to the overall development of our nation.”

    Mrs. LaShaun Ramdin, President of PRATT, echoed Dr. Nurse’s sentiments, stating, “This collaboration represents a significant step forward for the public relations industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Through joint efforts with COSTAATT, we can enhance the capabilities of our members and elevate the standards of practice across the board. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit not only our members but the entire profession.”

    The signing of the MoU marks the beginning of an exciting journey for COSTAATT and PRATT as they work together to elevate the practices of professionals in the public relations and communications sectors. Both institutions are committed to leveraging their respective strengths to drive positive change and create opportunities for growth and development within the industry.

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