• COSTAATT Link-Up Initiative Gains Momentum with Support from UNDP and ILF

    • 12/06/2023
    • Posted By : Nicole Alexander
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    Back – L to R: Dr. Keith Nurse, Dr. Keron King, Ms. Kelly-Ann Phillips, UNDP, Mr. Nicholas Khan, Dr. Kevin Peters | Front – L to R: Alexus McNally, Program Officer at the International Legal Foundation (ILF), Mr. Kirwin Pyle-Williams, Ms Sharifa Ali-Abdullah, Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP

    On Tuesday, May 22, 2023, the COSTAATT Link-Up team had an incredible opportunity to meet with esteemed representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Alexus McNally- Programme Officer of the International Legal Foundation (ILF).

    This meeting aimed to explore potential collaborations between these three dynamic groups, all with a shared vision of promoting, funding, and expanding the Link-Up programme.

    For those who are unfamiliar, the COSTAATT Link-Up programme is an innovative initiative that aims to provide college-level education and reintegration opportunities for incarcerated citizens. It’s all about empowering individuals and breaking down barriers to create a brighter future.

    We are thrilled about the possibilities that may arise from this partnership, as the UNDP, ILF, and COSTAATT Link-Up team join forces to drive positive change and support the growth of this remarkable programme. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those seeking education and a fresh start.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards our shared goals. Let’s keep spreading the word and building a brighter, more inclusive world!