• COSTAATT’s 2023 Faculty Convocation: Celebrating Faculty and Embracing Change

    • 06/11/2023
    • Posted By : Brian Baboolal
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    COSTAATT President- Dr. Keith Nurse, gives his address at Faculty Convocation 2023.

    In a gathering that heralded the reintroduction of a significant event on the College’s calendar, COSTAATT’s Faculty Convocation 2023, held at the Radisson Hotel Trinidad, brought together over 100 members of faculty. The event, themed Celebrating Faculty, not only celebrated the resilience and commitment of COSTAATT’s educators but also provided a platform to share the institution’s vision for the future.

    The convocation began with an address from Dr Naseem Koylass Dr., Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Koylass set the stage for the ensuing dialogue, revealing a major revision of COSTAATT’s academic structure. The institution now consists of six (6) distinct academic schools, repositioned and reorganized to enhance the students’ experience and address labour market needs. COSTAATT’s President, Dr. Keith Nurse, then addressed faculty, emphasizing the College’s mission to foster a change mindset, particularly in the post-COVID-19 context. Dr. Nurse stressed the importance of planning for change disruptions to maintain control over the process. He also introduced the newly established COSTAATT Upskilling Academy and Tech-Hub. The Upskilling Academy will provide training linked to a business incubator, accelerator, and local financing, empowering entrepreneurs to launch businesses immediately upon completing their training at COSTAATT. The Tech-Hub will offer hands-on, skills-based technology training, incorporating leading-edge technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, accessible to all COSTAATT students. Dr. Nurse concluded by underscoring COSTAATT’s commitment to developing “future skills” that are vital to the evolving global economy.

    The convocation also featured two distinguished guest speakers, who shared their rich expertise and insights with COSTAATT faculty -Dr. Diego Angel-Urdinola,  Global Lead for Skills and Tertiary Education at the World Bank, and, Dr. Marlene Attzs, Senior Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

    Recognizing and honouring faculty members for their invaluable contributions to teaching, research, and service was a central theme of the event. Three presentations highlighted ongoing efforts by COSTAATT’s faculty to advance the College’s strategic agenda. The first presentation delved into COSTAATT’s journey towards providing quality online teaching and learning, particularly during the pandemic. The second gave a sneak peek into the redesigned COSTAATT website, set to launch soon. The third presentation provided an in-depth look at COSTAATT’s plans to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Additionally, COSTAATT faculty members, Dr. Ambica Medine, Dr. Radica Mahase, Mr. Sajjad Hamid, and Mr. Shiva Parasram, showcased their recently published works.

    COSTAATT’s 2023 Faculty Convocation was not only a celebration of faculty but also marked a pivotal moment, highlighting the College’s clear intentions to embrace change, innovation, and excellence in education. Attendees left inspired and motivated to continue their valuable contributions to the institution and the broader community.