• The Hidden Crime: COSTAATT Lecturer Wins Film Award

    • 03/05/2023
    • Posted By : Stacy Williams
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    The College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) is thrilled to congratulate Senior Lecturer in Videography, Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade, on winning the Best Documentary Film 2023 at the Coal City Film Festival (CCFF) for his film entitled “The Hidden Crime.” The festival, held from March 23-25, 2023, in Enugu, Nigeria, it celebrates the artistry and originality of African filmmakers and provides a vital platform for independent filmmakers and the art community at large to celebrate the beauty of African cinema.

    Ojoade’s award-winning, 72-minute documentary film, The Hidden Crime, provides an in-depth look at the struggles of male victims of domestic violence and the associated taboo. Released in 2021 for International Men’s Day, the film features the voices and stories of men who are, or were, victims of domestic violence. The documentary explores the factors influencing the rise in incidences of male domestic abuse, the support currently available to male victims, and the underlying factors influencing their unwillingness to disclose details regarding their experiences.

    Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, and a major contributor to the film, has developed a teaching resource to accompany the documentary, to guide and educate potential perpetrators of domestic violence on strategies to avert and mitigate future incidents. Ojoade’s background and upbringing in both Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria have influenced his work, and he has directed and produced five short films and three feature-length documentaries so far.

    COSTAATT is proud to have Ojoade as a member of its faculty, and his win at the CCFF is a testament to the high quality of our lecturers. Students studying at COSTAATT’s Ken Gordon School of Communication, Creative and Digital Media have access to his wealth of experience and expertise in the film industry, which he brings to the classroom. His award-winning films and documentaries inspire students to think critically and creatively, and to explore unusual perspectives for storytelling.

    We congratulate “Tayo” as he’s affectionately known at COSTAATT, on his achievement and look forward to seeing more of his thought-provoking and inspiring work in the future.