• 20/12/2023
    • Posted By : Kegan Thomas

    Left- Dr Keith Nurse President of COSTAATT – Right- Carla Cupid, CEO (interim) Tourism Trinidad Limited


    Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) is partnering with College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago – COSTAATT to build a strategic working relationship that will streamline the delivery of training and professional development activities to support persons seeking entry to or employed in the tourism, hospitality, and culinary sectors in Trinidad.

    This landmark agreement was made via a Memorandum of Understanding signed by CEO (interim) Carla Cupid on behalf of TTL and Dr. Keith Nurse, President of COSTAATT on Friday 27th January2023.

    Left- Dr Keith Nurse President of COSTAATT – Right- Carla Cupid, CEO (interim) Tourism Trinidad Limited

    Both parties agree that any initiatives developed should be aligned to a strategic training agenda that will build capacity and skills, whereby current and future professionals can be exposed to comprehensive and pertinent training to gain skills relevant to the tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries in Trinidad.

    At the signing, TTL CEO (interim) Carla Cupid said, “we must always note that while there is ongoing international promotion to encourage persons to visit Trinidad and our mantra is we are Always in Season, there is a need to ensure that our visitors get the best experience.” She continued by stating, “in order for them to get the best experience, we must constantly address our service delivery. This agreement to firm up skills training therefore fits well within our strategic agenda.”

    Another important action item from the MOU will be the conduct of joint strategic research to understand industry workforce requirements, which can lead to further academic programme development or redesign.

    According to COSTAATT President, Dr Keith Nurse, “we must always look at the overall and holistic development of personnel who operate within the tourism sector locally

    . It is an ever-evolving industry and whatever we can contribute as an institute of higher learning will also affect positively our fortunes and economic growth.”

    Dr. Nurse also noted that, “agencies like ours must be a leading example when it comes to strategic

    partnerships, in the hope that others will see the benefit of synergy. Specifically for this project we are looking at the long-term reach of education and how it ties in with economic development.”

    The MOU runs for a period of five years and will involve a high level of tracking and monitoring as both parties share information on its progress and execution.